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Security / Bodyguard Services

Highly sought after services we provide for various security needs.


Security / Bodyguard Services

Highly sought after services we provide for various security needs.


Wide Range Of Services

Close Protection

Highly sought after service for the rich and famous. AKJ security provides highly trained, well presented operatives for various Close Protection jobs. Visible or discreet protection offered depending on the individual(s) requirements. A service which AKJ Security makes personal with a unique take on Close Protection. Rich or famous, your safety is paramount to AKJ Security.

VIP Security

With VIP’s on the up, so is the need for there personal safety. Having various means of fame today, AKJ Security will cater to each individual(s) requirements/ industry. Providing highly trained, well presented, attention to detail operatives. Our presence will allow the individual(s) to go about there day to day routines without having the problems of unwanted attention.

Red Carpet Security

From movie premieres to prestige red carpet events, AKJ Security provides highly trained, well presented, professional, attention to detail operatives. Such events are broadcast worldwide, security for these events must be properly manned and professional as the worlds media is broadcasting.

Event Security

No matter what the event or size, AKJ Security provides a highly professional, competent service providing attention to detail operatives. Event goers safety is paramount to AKJ Security, all staff are fully vetted and licensed with first aid training. Appropriate equipment/ clothing assured no matter where the location of event is.

Private Event / Wedding Security

Private functions from corporate parties, birthday parties to weddings, AKJ Security likes to get involved in making any event be a success by providing a well presented, highly professional, friendly security service. Each event has its challenges but AKJ Security operatives are competent and possess unique attention to detail skills which have served them well on many private functions. The guests safety at such events are paramount to AKJ Security. Any problems/ unwanted individual(s) are kept away and out of sight from the functions and dealt with in a professional manner.

Residential Security

Residential security is on the up due to individual(s) hiring stately homes for private functions such as weddings, birthday parties and corporate events. These events can be on small or big scale operation depending on the event and the individual(s) requirements. AKJ Security provides a on site security service, maintaining the perimeter and residence security, this can be for event build up, day of the event and event break down. All operatives will be in the attire required for the job, with relevant equipment.

Asset Protection

Any item can be an asset to an individual(s), from movie props, expensive cars, bespoke clothing and jewellery, the list is endless. AKJ Security provides a unique take on Asset Protection, providing highly trained, attention to detail, competent operatives. AKJ Security doesn’t see the asset as an object, but as an item with a meaning and a story behind it, hence why such services are required.

Door Supervisor

Premises with late night music and alcohol licenses requires a door supervisor(s). AKJ Security provides highly trained, well presented, competent operatives with attention to detail skills. Each premises has its own challenges, AKJ Security provides a full risk assessment for the premises and provides the suitable operatives and numbers required for the task(s). AKJ Security takes the safety of its guests and staff as paramount, a firm but fair attitude to all guests is delivered on entering the premises. Any situations or incidents are handled to a high professional standard maintaining the premises good name and reputation as well as AKJ Security.


With more individual(s) being tactful and deceitful, AKJ Security offers a unique surveillance service which caters to the individual(s) requirements. These services can be required for various situations, such as benefit frauds, theft, unfaithful partner, the list is endless. AKJ security provides an operative with many years of experience in surveillance. All tasks have been a success and obtains a proven track record.

Transit Security

Transit security is offered by AKJ Security in circumstances such as high value goods/ items being moved in transit across the city/ country. Highly trained, attention to detail operatives will be provided with relevant vehicles/ equipment.

Project Management

AKJ Security offers a unique service where we project manage an event from start to finish. Health and safety being a top priority at any event managed by AKJ Security. As well as providing a highly professional security service, we will work along side the individual(s) who’s event it is in helping them make the event a success. Any requirements needed help with, AKJ Security will assist in, this can be assistance in setting up the venue or providing contacts for certain services required for the event. All contacts used by AKJ Security to assist in events are screened and vetted (if necessary).

For more information on any of the services offered or you require any additional services, please visit our contact page.

What Our Clients Are Saying

When appointing a service, particularly one as important as security and protection, nothing is more reassuring than positive feedback from current and former clients. We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional service that lends to recommendation through word of mouth, establishing a reputation as a dependable, professional security service.

Moseley Park and PoolChristine Williams

AKJ Security is employed by Moseley Park and Pool Trust to handle its over night security for yearly festivals....

Private ClientJ.Iqbal

I have used AKJ security services for many years now and without fail receive a professional and courteous service. I had first acquired there services to oversee.....

Sharons CoutureHare Dhami

A highly professional service provided at our Face of Sharons Couture event. Services which included door/guest list coverage, overall event security....

Saathi Night Kal Patel

I have been using AKJ Security for almost a decade. They have provided me with a professional, well-presented, well-organized, trustworthy service....

Private ClientS.Yaseen

I came across AKJ Security before they had formed as a company. I have been using their professional security services for nearly a decade. They have been the team of friendly faces....

Shore Media LtdKishore

They are the best security company we have ever worked with!….They are reliable, friendly and approachable to which their level of service revolves around the client....

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